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Hey everyone, how's it going? Happy Father's Day. This is Brian here with, and today we're going to be doing a quick video on a local business here in the St. Louis area, BSE Photography, and we're going to be looking at how they can compete on the SERPs, which are the Search Engine Result Pages, in the new market that they're moving to, which is Chesterfield.So, once again, they've gone from Melville, Missouri to Chesterfield. And anytime your business either moves to a new location, or you open a second location for your business is already located somewhere, you're going to be competing in a new market on the search engines, particularly Google Maps.So, what we're going to be doing is, we're going to be going to Google Maps and we're going to be seeing who exactly are they up against in Chesterfield for photography. You can see, popped up on Newtown, that's where I'm at, I live over in St. Charles. Computer’s being a little slow, it's totally fine, got the software recording right now so that's probably what it is. And we're going to be looking for photography, or we'll just say photographers. Let's see what we get.So, the first one pop-up was Ravetta, over here in St. Louis, but it looks like the main one. And we're going to do this a little bit closer on Chesterfield now and search this area because it's going to be more relevant to the people that are over by her location, is Emily Lucarz Photography.Okay, number one on the maps, so this is the person that you want to analyze before you start your SEO campaigns and see what they're doing. And then you're going to want to reverse engineer a lot of that and reconstruct it for your own methods and your own procedures, so that even if you don't end up outranking them right away, you'll more likely outrank a lot of the competition, and you'll still be up in the top of the map pack and also of the search results here.When I’m typing ‘Chesterfield photographers’, see what we get, there's Emily Lucarz photography again and there she is, she's number four. So, if you could be somewhere here on the first page, that would be ideal, because the first page does pretty much dominate all the traffic that happens on the search engines. And we'll see that, as we go through this video, I'll show you what I mean and you get a first-hand experience of that.But before we get too far in the video, I just want to go ahead and- what I think is the top five things that local business owners can do for their own businesses to really get a head start on this without having to go spend too much time on what they're doing. So, number one, you're going to want to go ahead and start asking your friends and family for reviews on Facebook, Google and Yelp.Getting more five-star reviews on these search engines is not only good social proof for your business and shows that you're an active member in the community, but it also sends signals to all these sites that are you are a relative and well established business. And all that gets passed along to Google, which does increase your ranking, it’s one factor that goes into increasing your ranking on local search results.So, that's something so easy that any business owner can do and I really recommend that you start it today. You could have one of your employees maybe reach out every day and ask two to three people for reviews, and that's how you want to do it. Or you could do it yourself, but you want to get at least two reviews every day, I'd say. If that's a little bit ambitious, at least two reviews every week.Don't try to get a bunch of reviews in the same day, you can get flagged for spam and a lot of that work will get taken away, but you also don't have too few coming in and have your competition drastically outpace you in that department.So, number two, let's go ahead and see what this says, “start adding your business citations to local national business directories.” That's a really good point, I'll make a video on this later on as well. It's kind of like what directories are worth your time, but at this point, I would just try to hit up as many as you can. Citations, when we're talking about citations, let's look up BSE again. So, BSE photography.We're talking about the NAPW, and what we mean by NAPW is your name, your address, your phone and then your website. You want to have those four things on as many local directories as possible, because all that does is, once again, reinforce that you are a local business that's legitimate at this location. And the more signals you have coming in to Google, the more likely you are to rank higher. Once again, there are multiple factors, but citations for local SEO does play quite a big role along with the reviews.So, moving on. Three, you're going to want to develop a link building strategy to target keywords and phrases you want to rank for. So, what do I mean by that? Well, it's kind of what we already looked at. When I go over here, I type in ‘Chesterfield Photography.’ You see this? This is a key phrase, ‘Chesterfield Photography.’ If I was to get rid of ‘Chesterfield’ and just type in ‘photography’, that is a keyword because it's just one word. Keyword, keyphrase.So these are things that your customers are going to be looking for online. And that can be anything, it can be photography, baby photography, it could be graduation photographer. There's so many latent semantic indexing, variations of queries and different searches that people do, that you're going to want to try to be relative and optimize your site for as many of those as you can. And there's multiple ways you can do that, and we'll go over some of that here in this video as well.Number four, you're going to go ahead and add schema markup on your site. Schema markup is a big thing, if you don't know about schema markup, this is true about anything in business, anything you don't know, just go to Google and see what it is. So, just type in ‘schema,’ see what pops up, and there you go. So, here it is, says, “schema enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages.”And if you ever want to see if your website has structured data, you can go to ‘structured data testing tool’, and this is actually a tool from Google. Google wants you to use schema on your website because it helps Google know and read what is on your website. So, if they know what's on your website and they can read it faster, they can match the user's intent for their queries. So, what this does is, it helps you rank higher because Google knows exactly what you're showing and who to show that to.On average, websites that use schema markup, compared to those that don't, rank four positions higher. So schema is a very important thing and a lot of business owners neglect it quite a bit. You can see it's all from Google and this is something that they highly recommend.And then number five is fix your on-page optimization. And what I mean by that is just all your header tags, your meta descriptions, your keyword consistency. So, once again, when you go on to Google and you're looking up ‘Chesterfield photographer,’ you want to make sure you have that in all your headers on your site. You want to make sure you mention ‘Chesterfield photographer’ an awful amount of times on your website so that your website is actually relative for that term, instead of having it mentioned once.Google is not going to know that's the keyword or the keyphrase that you're actually going for, and there's many ways you can do that. All you're going to do is, once again, go back to Google, type in ‘on-page optimization,’ and there's tons of places that’ll tell you how you can do stuff on-page. This is a very small factor of SEO, but the cool thing is any business owner can do it and it's the first step. The first step is optimizing for the keywords and the phrases you want to rank for.So, number one is pretty self-explanatory. Number two explanatory too, just find different business directories and list your business in it. Make sure you have the same exact information that you have on Google My Business.Once again, BSE photography, this information here, you want to have the exact same. So, if it's ‘St.’, you want to have that, you don't have it ‘St’ with no period, you don't want it to be ‘saint’ spelled out, you just want ‘St. Louis’ and you want to have all this information the same across every directory. So, on your chambers of commerce, on your Facebook page, on your LinkedIn page, on everything, you want to have all that stuff consistent throughout.Number four, schema markup, like I said, you guys can do a lot of that research on your own and there's a lot of good stuff that shows you how to do that. I'll probably do a video later on that goes into schema a little bit more.Often, on-page optimization, you guys could talk to me about that, I could send you a quick report that shows you on-page optimization or you can just google it and look it up yourself. But what we're going to spend a lot of time in this video looking at is, number three, the keywords and phrases you want to rank for.And then, also, just taking a look at your competition and seeing what they're doing, because you don't always have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to beat what the current person ranking, where you want to rank, is doing. So, you just want to see what they're doing, you want to do that too and then you just want to do it better.So, Chesterfield photography, let's go ahead and take a look at Miss Lucarz’s website and see what she has going on. First thing I want to point out, is that you noticed she didn't have very many reviews. That's a quick win, she only has nine reviews. So, just get in there and start adding some more reviews, it's not a silver bullet, you're not going to start ranking higher than her, but that stuff is going to add up later on when you catch up to the rest of the tactics that she's, or her SEO team, is employing.So, the software that I'm using right now is called SEMrush, it's $100 a month. There's tons of different softwares out there, I use a couple myself in addition to SEMrush, but I do recommend you use some sort of tool just to give you an idea of what your competitors are doing.So, what we're going to do right now, we're gonna dive in to the keywords she is optimizing for on her website, and I'm going to go over this data with you as well so you get an understanding for what this means. So, as you can see right here, she gets about 1,000 unique visitors to her site every month, organically, so she's not paying for advertisements on Facebook, she's not paying for advertisements on Google or Bing. That's a thousand people that are just visiting her site every month just because her website is built in such a way that she's ranking for the keywords that people are searching for.Google, right now, they're saying that the average price for that is about $1,500, so she's getting $1,500 in free traffic every month just by using SEO. And that's why SEO is so important for a small business, is because it's inbound, so you're getting your business in front of the businesses, or in front of the customers that are looking to have the intent for your business. You're not just putting ads out there, like you would on social media or other platforms, and just trying to target people and distract them from what they're doing, your business is organically being put in front of the people that are looking for the services you already offer.So, SEO is just a no-brainer and it's an insanely smart investment and has a great ROI over the lifetime of any business. So, once again, $1.5K traffic cost. SEMrush, they pull that number for how much it would cost you to run Adwords and get this amount of traffic in the local market.So, if you got 1,000 visitors a month for the keywords that they're ranking for for free, it cost you $1,500. And that number is pretty low, it usually does cost you a lot more because I think they go off the lowest bid when they're giving you the pricing for the traffic. So you see $1.4K here but it probably costs you closer to two thousand. And then the ROI on that, how many clients she gets from that traffic, it's probably quite a bit.Now, down here, you can see what keywords is she ranking for, the position she's at, the volume of those keywords, the keyword difficulty, what other people are paying with ads and the percentage of all traffic she's getting. So, here she is, for ‘St. Louis photographers’ she's ranked number three, so even though she is in Chesterfield, she's ranking for St. Louis photographers. And she's doing that on purpose because she knows that the search volume from ‘St. Louis photographers’ is massive, it's a thousand, and that's pretty big for a local search, a thousand people locally are looking for St. Louis photographers.Keyword difficulty, honestly, not that bad. People are paying about two $2.20 for every click, she's getting all that for free and she's get about 10%. So, she’s got about a hundred people a month just from this one key keyword or keyphrase, ‘St. Louis photographer,’ that she's ranking for. So this gives you an idea of what keywords that your competitors are ranking for and what you might want to start ranking for as well.And you can find all this out yourself, if you sign up for Google Adwords, they have a keyword planner tool and there's tons of other tools out there too that you can use to find different keywords to try to rank for, to try to optimize your site for.Here's a really good one that I like to use, it's called Basically, its latent semantic indexing for keywords. So, type in whatever you want, like ‘Chesterfield photographers,’ you type that in here, and it will give you a bunch of other queries that are related to that query that you're looking for. So, it gives you an insight into the psychology of your audience, which is pretty powerful.We're going to hop back over to this over here and you see what else she's ranking for: ‘newborn photography,’ ‘family photographers,’ ‘newborn family photography,’ you see all these little variations and semantic variations on the key phrases that people are looking for.So, I think we covered that. We're going to hop over into backlinks as well, because backlinks are a really important thing that every business owner has to start doing as well. As you can see, she's definitely working with an SEO company because she has almost 800 backlinks coming in from her and only 70 domains. She has about 10 links coming in for every one unique user, so that's a telltale sign, there's probably an SEO company working with her.Let's go ahead and look at her backlinks, where they're coming from, ‘20 best St. Louis newborn photographers,’ speaker series. Okay, so that's a cool strategy she's doing, she's going out there, getting involved in the community and getting a lot of links back to her. And then she's also reaching out to blogs, she's submitting photos to different blogs, and then in turn, they're linking back to her site with the photos that she's taken. That's a really smart strategy to do, I recommend anyone do that. It's great content for the blog writers and then you get more exposure to your site as well.And then down here are the anchors. So, anchors is right here where it says ‘referring domains,’ that's your anchor text. If that was to say ‘St. Louis photographers’ and then you can click on it, it would take you to a website. If I click on ‘referring domains,’ it'll take me to another site, the anchor text would be ‘St. Louis photographers,’ but in this instance that the anchor text is ‘referring domains.’You see, it's almost 50% just her name. There is a lot of- I wouldn't say a lot, actually, but there's quite a bit of newborn photography in St. Louis. Actually, there's only a couple, she's mostly optimizing just for just her name. Here's the best of- ‘St. Louis photographer,’ she probably didn't optimize for that, it was probably just naturally what someone, the author, wrote in that.It looks like she's not optimizing for any keywords too much. So, what that means is that you could optimize your backlink structure and have your composition of backlinks structured in such a way that you're targeting these keywords that she's ranking for, and you'd probably outperform her for a lot of those keywords, just because that's how powerful backlinks are in the Google search algorithms.So, let's go ahead and move on, and let's go ahead and recap. I think we went over everything. In recap, how do you outrank Emily Lucarz photography over there in Chesterfield? Number one, like I said before at the start of this video, ask for the reviews, get those going, it's going to really help you in the long run and it's not something you have to play catch up on later on.Number two, get the citations going. That's also what I wanted to show you, here's a good site: That's how you can find out what citations your competitors are out there doing. I looked up Emily Lucarz earlier in whitespark, because it takes like two minutes for them to go through everything then find them all, and it looks like she has about fifty citations.So, they'll give you an example, some she's doing: ead finder,, and all these are just random business directories. And she's just throwing her NAPW, her name, address password and website in all those, so that a bunch of signals are being sent to Google that this is a super relative local business in Chesterfield. So, you're going want to replicate that for your business, hit up as many directories and build as many citations as you can.Number three, develop a link building strategy with the keywords and phrases we went over in this video. Link building strategies, reach out to blogs, get blog comments, reach out to the press, see if they want to write stories about your business, maybe you have something cool going on, and put out cool content in the form of a blog and share that content with other people.In the industry, we call it link baiting, it’s where you write really good content and then you post that on LinkedIn, share it with your friends. And the hopes are that people will take that content and link to it, maybe on their own personal websites or they'll share it, and all that will help you out as well.Number four is schema markup. Just go on Google and look up schema markup, and like I said, I'll probably do another video later on on how to add schema markup to your site. But there's already so much material that exists on this online that it's probably better just to Google or YouTube that. And then five, fix your on-page optimization.So, there you go, there's a quick- well, not a quick, there's a 23 minute rundown on how you can outrank any of your local competitors and how you can do some research on your new competition when you're moving markets. If you guys have any questions, I'm always here, you can reach out to me at, or you can go to as well, I have a local meetup that I do with St. Louis business owners, which is pretty good.I do a lot of talks and stuff around St. Louis about how business owners can get up on the search engines and get more of the market share they deserve, and here that is right here. So, it’s just, and you can just type in this name and you'll probably find it, Getting on the First Page of Google | Saint Louis Local SEO. All right, and that's it, I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will catch you next time.

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